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Jewelry 09. 02. 2017

When jewelry uses 3D printing

3D Prod loves challenges! Especially when it comes to a niche market where 3D technology is still not widely used. So when the jewelry brand Camen asked them to handle part of its production, 3D Prod gladly accepted the challenge.

Camen, a beautiful story

Intimate and personal, the jewel provokes an emotion to the person who wears it and to the one who will offer it to you. To be interested in its history with its codes and styles is to distinguish oneself and assert one's personality. Camen was born from the desire to revisit the cameo, a symbolic and ancient jewel, thanks to the new technology of 3D printing and to associate it with the pearl or leather bracelet. "Christian Gambin, Founder of Camen.

The Camen brand was therefore born in the spring of 2014 with a desire: to approach jewelry and combine tradition and modernity. Almost a year was necessary to give shape to the project. It was in May 2015 that the Knmandco company was created to support the development of the brand's products. In early 2016, the first collection of bracelets and cameos for men and women of Camen was born.

The concept is original and allows the customer to associate with the bracelet the cameo of his choice (finishes, colors, sizes...). The collections are inspired by the past and the present, which makes them transgenerational. The cameo is much more than a simple accessory: associated with the leather or pearl bracelet, it is the vector of the memory and the future.

The brand offers collections of bracelets and cameos, developed and manufactured exclusively in France by French craftsmen and companies. These are the cameos that are made by 3D PROD, via 3D printing technology.

The collaboration between 3D PROD and Camen

The choice of 3D technology was strategic for Camen. Indeed, 3D printing allows the development, the creation and the follow-up in real time of the "object". Thus, the response to the customer's expectations and trends is done in a very short time, versus traditional machining. The objective was then to find a partner who would ensure the development of the prototypes that Camen develops as well as the manufacturing of small series.

The choice of the collaborator was then doubly important. Camen is a human company where people feel confident. 3D PROD was therefore a first choice partner for the jewelry brand. What seduced us was, on the one hand, their expertise and technical experience in the field of stereolithography, and on the other hand, their availability, their advice, the relationship of trust that has been established month after month, their support and the human values that the 3D PROD teams convey.

The two have found each other! Especially since the collaboration is meant to be long-lasting. Indeed, Camen will continue to use 3D printing, to improve the details of its products and to test all the new materials and renderings that 3D PROD proposes and develops. The jewelry brand is convinced: " 3D technology provides a freedom of expression, creation and manufacturing almost instantaneously that traditional machining does not offer. It is therefore certain that during the development of Camen's future products, namely necklaces, pendants and rings as well as small leather goods, 3D PROD will be well and truly present in the production circuit..."

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