additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing

The different manufacturing processes in 3D printing

Definition of Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is also called additive manufacturing, which refers to the fact that this process is based on the manufacture of objects by adding thin layers on top of each other. This method of manufacturing layer by layer allows to obtain the most complex forms.

Companies or individuals may need to use 3D printing for different reasons or purposes.

We can, through 3D manufacturing, realize your functional prototypes. Indeed, the additive or 3D manufacturing allows to realize resistant parts, without almost any constraint of form, and quickly.

3D manufacturing is also a fast and very suitable solution for model needs, whether they are design orarchitecture.

And finally, thanks to our production capacity, we are able to offer our customers the possibility to manufacture small series of parts through the additive manufacturing process.

For an even more real rendering, it is possible to realize the finishing of your parts: sanding, painting, varnishing, priming, assembling are some of the available services. 3D Prod also offers to help you in the realization of your 3D files, with our design office which offers you its CAD services.

Our tips for preparing your 3D file


Numerous possibilities depending on the use

We have integrated a wide range of technologies and materials, as well as machine sizes, to meet most of your needs in functional prototypes, small series and models:


Save time with online quoting and ordering

In order to save you time on your additive manufacturing projects, you will be able to get your immediate quote and order online on our website all your parts in stereolithography, powder sintering, multijet and wire deposition.

We also propose to use vacuum casting for your small series with an important level of details or a need for specific resin (food, glass filled...). It is necessary to make a feasibility study before using this technology.

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As soon as we make contact, our manufacturing capacity allows us to absorb very large volumes while maintaining short lead times


We know your business. We work with suppliers of all ranks on both technical and aesthetic projects.


We know how to advise you and help you in the design of your project in additive manufacturing.

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