3D vacuum casting prod

Vacuum casting

Variety of materials and customization

The advantages of vacuum casting

Various resins

Food, glass-filled, adapted to electrical uses, aeronautics...

Good mechanical resistance

The resins used in vacuum casting can withstand high mechanical stress.


The parts can be colored in the mass and it is possible to adjust their hardness (shore).
Vacuum casting Technology

Reproduction of a model
printed in 3D

Vacuum casting is a rapid prototyping technology for which a model is required. This model is usually manufactured using additive processes.

Stereolithography is the most widely used technology. Among the different 3D printing technologies, it is the one that allows to obtain the best level of detail and precision.

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Vacuum casting mold

of a mold

A silicone mold is then formed around this part and once this mold is hardened, the part is removed. All that remains is to pour resin into the mold using a vacuum casting machine, cure the resin, open the mold and finally remove the finished part.

This piece is a carbon copy of the 3D print that was used to make the mold.

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Resin vacuum casting

Many of the

The manufacturing process of vacuum casting allows to produce small numbers of parts (20 to 25 per mold) in high detail and quickly.

Moreover, vacuum casting offers the possibility to print in many materials: food resins, fireproof, adapted to electrical uses, glass fiber filled, transparent... Their hardness (shore) can be customized according to the customer and his needs.

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Vacuum casting small series

Small series with a high
level of detail

Vacuum casting is used for prototypes and small series with many details and/or important mechanical constraints.

Before printing in vacuum casting, it is essential to carry out a feasibility study, which is why this technology is not available for online ordering.

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