The advantages of SLA 3D printing with 3DPROD


Stereolithography offers exceptional resolution, enabling the creation of parts with extremely precise details.


Our cutting-edge technology enables fast print times, speeding up the product development process. Get your prototypes in record time!


Stereolithography gives you the freedom to customize your prototypes to suit your needs. Add intricate details, fine textures and impeccable finishes for an outstanding final result.

What is Stereolithography ALS?

Stereolithography, often abbreviated to SLA, is a 3D printing method that uses photopolymerization to create three-dimensional objects from a UV-reactive resin. This resin is progressively solidified by a laser, layer by layer. This method offers some of the highest print quality among current printing technologies.

Stereolithography is used in many industrial sectors for the production of functional parts, demonstration prototypes and models.

It is particularly useful in industries that demand high precision and surface quality, as well as those requiring the production of parts with complex geometries or requiring large-scale production. 


The advantages of Stereolithography

The advantages of stereolithography 3D printing are numerous. This technology enables objects to be created with great precision and resolution, with very fine details and smooth surfaces that are easy to paint. 

Mainly used for the creation of aesthetic demonstration parts, it offers the possibility of creating complex, one-piece parts (via the use of "supports" during printing) of up to 2 meters in length (car shells, dashboards, household appliances). 

These support structures are necessary to allow overhangs to be printed, and our teams hand-rinse, sand and harden the supports post-printing.

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ABS type resin (SLA)

It is recommended for stereolithography 3D printing parts requiring precision and a certain degree of rigidity.

Resin type PP (SLA)

It is recommended for precise parts requiring a certain degree of flexibility. It sands very well, and is recommended if you wish to rework the part in model making.

Resin type PA (SLA)

It is well suited to the manufacture of precise parts requiring good mechanical properties. It is a technical material combining rigidity and flexibility.

PC type resin (SLA)

Like thermoplastic PC, Accura ClearVue resin can be used to produce translucent or transparent parts.

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Stereolithography FAQ

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