Small Series

Flexibility and speed of production


Print a few parts or several thousand in small series

3D printing in small series can be an alternative solution for the manufacture of a few parts up to several thousand.

The permanent evolution of our manufacturing capacities associated with important efforts in terms of productivity allow us to offer you real alternative solutions for the manufacturing of your small series of parts.

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Many advantages over injection

In addition to the cost and time advantages, the use of rapid prototyping for mass production provides total flexibility for part evolution and modification since there is no tooling to implement.

Since the production can be done on demand, it is possible to get rid of the storage problems.

If the technical needs are not covered by all the materials available on 3D printing technologies, it is possible to use vacuum casting. This process, halfway between injection and 3D printing, allows access to a wide variety of materials.

Focus on vacuum casting

Why choose 3D prod ?


As soon as we make contact, our manufacturing capacity allows us to absorb very large volumes while maintaining short lead times.


We know your business. We work with suppliers of all ranks on both technical and aesthetic projects.


We know how to advise you and help you in the design of your small series.

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