Thread deposit

Wire deposition (FDM)

Ideal for the validation of clutter

The advantages of wire deposition

Good mechanical resistance

The strength of the printed parts in wire deposition allows them to be used for assemblies


PLA wire deposition allows for the production of parts at a lower cost.

Respect of geometries

No risk of deformation, the wire deposit guarantees a good respect of the geometry of the parts.
3D wire deposit prod
Wire deposition - thermoplastic

by extrusion

The machine works a bit like an extruder, bringing the material to its melting point to create a wire of about 0.05 millimeters in diameter. The nozzle moving on the x, y axes allows to deposit this hot wire on a layer. The platform descends between each sequence to stack the layers on top of each other.

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wire deposit - mock-up and working prototype

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