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A rendering as close to reality as possible

Different finishes according to your needs

To make your objects look even more realistic, we can give them a surface treatment. For this, we offer different finishes and finishing touches.

This way, you can have a 3D printed object that is visually and functionally identical to what you will have at the time of the serial launch.

Our finishes are available when you order online, however if you have any questions or doubts, please contact us.

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finishing-realization-3D printing


You may need a more or less smooth object, a specific surface condition for your part, that's why we structure its surface to obtain the desired result.

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The powders and resins we use do not necessarily have the color you want to give to your final piece. We dye your object in a professional paint booth. This process allows us to give the piece a shine by using paint, but also chrome or varnish.

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Assembly-finishing-3D printing


In order to make the product fully functional and to be able to test its strength and function, we can add inserts, seals or standard components.

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