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Multi-material 3D printing

The advantages of the MultiJets


Various physical and mechanical properties, more or less rigid and of several colors.

High accuracy

MultiJets technology allows for the printing of complex parts with very fine details.


Parts made of MultiJets have a smooth surface quality.
Multijet-3D printing

When 2D printing
inspires 3D

MultiJets 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process based on the same concept as 2D ink printing: the printer head moves to deposit drops of photopolymers.

UV light is then used to polymerize these drops. The platform descends as the layers are formed.

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The advantage of MultiJets 3D printing lies in the fact that it enables objects to be printed by depositing several materials, rigid or flexible, simultaneously. It is thus possible to produce parts that were previously unfeasible with sintering or stereolithography:

  • Parts with overmolding to prototype parts that will then be produced in bi-injection.
  • Wrapped parts: wrapping a rigid material with a flexible material to link functionality to soft touch.

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Large dimensions,
prototypes & small series

We have the machine with the largest working capacity in this technology. This allows us to have a volume of 500 x 400 mm by 250 mm high. Moreover, 10 resins are available, for more freedom and possibilities.

Given its characteristics, multijet printing is primarily used to print prototypes and small series from SEBS and ABS resins.

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