Scanning & CAD

An aid to the design and modification of your parts


of your parts

We propose to digitize your parts using a 3D scanning system that transforms physical parts into 3D files. This capture can be done with two systems: a portable laser system or a structured light system to generate a high precision 3D point cloud.

This modeling technology can be used regardless of the size, material or geometry of your parts.

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CAD-3D printing

Innovate without limits
with CAD

To be able to print objects in 3D, it is necessary to create a 3D file which is exploitable.
We have in-house CAD skills to assist you in the design, modification and repair of your files. Beyond CAD design, this know-how allows us to control all the files that are launched in manufacturing in order to reduce the risk of error to a minimum.

We can take into account all types of standard files (IGES, STEP, CATIA...) but it is preferable to send us files in STL format which is the format used directly for manufacturing.

How to prepare my 3D file

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As soon as we make contact, our manufacturing capacity allows us to absorb very large volumes while maintaining short lead times


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