Case studies 05. 05. 2020

V-light : A light protective visor against the coronavirus

Thanks to 3D printing, the structure of the visor made in 3D Prod weighs only 65 grams, which makes it one of the lightest on the market. Associated with a transparent polyethylene glass, it ensures the protection of the whole face while guaranteeing a very good visibility.

Lightweight protective visor for all-day comfort

During these last weeks, we have participated in several solidarity initiatives which aimed to help the nursing staff in its fight against the coronavirus. We mainly helped to model adaptation or protection parts and then manufactured small series in emergency, which could exceed 1000 pieces.

Amongst all these steps, we manufactured protective visors that we also made available to our employees. As the daily users are in direct contact with the designers, we were able to carry out an iterative development process very quickly. It took us 10 days and 15 prototypes to develop this visor, on which we worked particularly on comfort.

This product is a good example of what 3D printing can do: reduce development time and produce the series instantly.

Protective visor in 3D printing

1/ Adjustable and flexible holding device, allowing the protective visor to be adapted to the individual's morphology.

2/ Optimization of the spacing between the face and the protective support to allow the wearing of glasses, protective masks, while avoiding the formation of fog.

3/ Ergonomic front band of 2 cm height increases the support and improves the comfort.

4/ Transparent, reusable and washable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) protective cover to protect against external splashes.

"We designed the visor to be the most comfortable and suitable for everyday work."

Guillaume, 3D Prod

Assembly of the visor V-light by 3D Prod

Assembly of the visor V-light by 3D Prod

1/ V-light pack

2/ Clip the protection bracket onto the visor structure.

3/ Integrate and adjust the holding device.

4/ Visor ready to use.

How to clean your visor properly?

In order to maintain optimal protection, it is recommended to disinfect your protective visors on both sides. Household alcohol can be used to maintain it.



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