The advantages of Stereolithography

High precision

It allows to print parts of exceptional quality with extremely fine details

Large dimensions

Our equipments allow us to print by stereolithography parts going up to 2 meters.


Parts created by stereolithography have a smooth surface quality.

Liquid resins

Stereolithography is a technology generating parts by adding layers of material. Use of liquid photosensitive materials hardening-off by means of ultraviolet (UV) light.


The successive stack of layers measuring up to 0,05 mm allows parts conctruction. At each layer the resin is irradiated with a laser beam which brings the wavelength needed to harden the material. Parts printed with stereolithography need a post-treatment. First they need to be cleaned with a solvent to remove the non-polymerized resin residue and then backed in the oven to finish polymerization for material stability optimization.

Available resins

The resins available for stereolithography are: resin type PP, resin type ABS, resin type PC, resin type PA. 



An extreme precision

Thanks to low layer thickness, basic material in liquid form as well as great fineness of the laser beam, very precise parts with a significant degree of detail can be obtained.

Models and prototypes

3D Printing by stereolithography is widely used for modeling, but it can also provide for functional pieces.

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