Prototypes in line with the serial part

3D printing revolutionizes Rapid Prototyping thanks to materials and manufacturing processes enabling you to print quickly and at lower cost real technical parts. 3D Prototyping by Laser Sintering allows, i.e., to create functional prototypes with a mechanical and thermal resistance very close to plastic, aluminium or zamac injection ones.

Test your ideas to limit risks

It becomes thus possible to test and to model a hinge function, a clip, a sealing, a screwing and even to perform endurance tests. Moreover, 3D prototype modeling constraints are limited, with undercut, filling, drill size difficulties falling away.

Printing becomes a cakewalk

You’ll immediately receive your quote and you can perform printing when ever you want. We guarantee high-quality functional prototypes and you’ll also save precious time to focus on what is the most important for you : the development of your project.

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