The advantages of Multi Jet Modeling


3D printing by Multi Jet Modeling allows to obtain parts with various physical and mechanical properties, more or less rigid and in various colors.

High precision

Multi Jet Modeling technology allows printing complex parts with very fine details.


Parts created by Multi Jet Modeling have a smooth surface quality.

If 2D printing inspires 3D printing 3D

Multi Jet 3D Printing is a method of additive manufacturing based on the same concept that 2D ink printing : the print head is moving to lay drops of photopolymers. UV light is than used to polymerize these drops. The platform goes down as the layers build up.


The advantage Multi Jet 3D Printing is that it allows to print objects by laying down simultanously several rigid or flexible materials. It is thus possible to create parts which have been unfeasible until now by Laser Sintering or by Stereolithography :

  • Parts with overmoulding to prototype parts which will then be manufactured by dual-injection.
  • Covered parts: Covering/ embedding of a rigid material with a flexible material to give functionality to soft touch.

Available resins

Available resins for Multi Jet Modeling are : resin type SEBS and resin type ABS .



Larges dimensions

We are equipped with the machine with the largest working capacity within this technology. This allows us to have at our disposal a volume of 500 x 400 mm wide and 250 mm high. Moreover, 10 resins are available allowing more flexibility and possibilities.

Prototypes and small series

Considering its properties, Multijet Printing is in particular used to print prototypes and small series.

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