The advantages of Multi Jet Fusion

Mechanical and thermic resistance

The resistance of the parts printed by Multi Jet Fusion allows to deploy them in functional tests.

Small series

Multi Jet Fusion is perfect for small series manufacturing, thanks to a high mechanical resistance.

Production speed

Thanks to its production process with agents, the Multi Jet Fusion is a comparatively much faster technology.

Reaction of materials

Multi Jet Fusion is an additive process by multistage layers which differs by the fact that fusion is controlled by an agent applied on the material to concentrate energy on it. One of the key features of this HP-technology Multi Jet Fusion is its ability to modify substances’ properties during the fusion process, without finally changing their mechanical and physical properties.

Selective agents for a part with more details

A material layer is applied, before laying on fusion agents in a selective way, where the particles shall fuse. A details agent is in turn deposited, where the melting effect shall be reduced or enhanced and allows thus i.e. to obtain sharp edges or smooth surfaces. The work zone is then exposed to high thermic energy. The procedure shall be repeated until the part is completely modelled.

Available materials

For Multi Jet Fusion available materials are : PA Powder PA (MJF).



High precision

The low layer thickness and the deployment of agents allow to obtain high precision parts with an important level of details.

Small series and prototypes

Multi Jet Fusion enables high productivity. The manufactured parts have just as important mechanical properties as those achieved with Powder Laser Sintering. It is thus an interesting solution for small series or functional prototype manufacturing.

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