The advantages of Laser Sintering

Good mechanical and temperature resistance

The resistance of parts printed via Powder Sintering allows to use them to perform functional tests.

Small series

Powder Sintering is perfect to produce small series thanks to its high mechanical resistance.


Powder Sintering needs no support reducing thus production time and allowing to print complex geometric shapes.

A thermoplastic material

Powder Laser Sintering is a 3D printing technology which manufactures parts by agglomeration of material particles. Employed materials are generally thermoplastics or metals in powder form of 50 microns of granulation.

Laser fusion

The powder is agglomerated by successive stacking up of about 0,1 mm thick layers. On each layer, the material is transformed by a laser beam which brings the energy needed to reach the fusion point.

Available materials

Available materials for Powder Sintering are : PA Powder, flameproof PA and PAGF.



Technical parts without support

Laser Sintering allows to produce technical materials resistant to mechanical and thermal stresses. Furthermore, you can print parts with very complex shapes because no support is employed in production, as manufactured parts are based on a layer of non-transformed powder.

Tooling, small series

Due to these characteristics, Powder Sintering  is often employed to create functional prototypes, models, tooling and even small series.

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