Additive manufacturing

3D printing is also called additive manufacturing, as this process is based on manufacturing objects by adding thin layers one above the other. This manufacturing method layer by layer allows to create very complex forms.

Numerous possibilities according to the use

We have integrated a broad range of technologies and materials, but also of machine sizes, to be able to meet most of your needs concerning functional prototypes, small series and models :

  • Laser Sintering is intended to build resistant functional parts but also models.
  • Stereolithography allows to build parts with a very high level of finish but with a limited resistance. This fits in perfectly with manufacturing of decorative elements.
  • Multi Jet Modeling is the only 3D Printing Technology allowing to combine materials and to get parts including rigid components with flexible components.
  • Fused Deposition Modeling is intended to create functional parts, models and prototypes.

Save time thanks to online quote and online ordering

To save you time on your additive manufacturing projects, you can have your instant quote and order online via our Website all your Stereolithography, Powder Sintering, Multijet and Fused Deposition Modeling parts.

Vacuum Casting, a complement to additive manufacturing

We also suggest you using Vacuum Casting for your small series with an important level of details or requiring a specific resin (alimentary, glass loaded…). Before using this technology a feasibility study must be performed. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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